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Binance is not verifying my account

Is Binance account taking time to get verified or are you unable to process verification process? If yoou are surrounded by all such issues and troubles, you can always get in contact with the team of elite and skilled professionals who are there to guide you. You can always call on Binance phone number and get in contact with the team and rectify all your troubles. Verification process helps in increasing your daily withdrawal limit from 2 BTC to 100 BTC a day. Contact with the team anytime to deal with such issues. Experince their services by getting in touch with them to deal with all yoru troubles in nick of time.

Not able to receive bitcoin from other wallets

Are you having trouble following the process of sending/receiving bitcoin from other wallets to Binance wallet or vice versa? Binance wallet is designed for users that have ios and android measures to use the Binance account. If you don’t know how to end this trouble and need immediate results , you area dvised to get directly in touch with the team of elite professionals who are there to help you out at every step. You can call on Binance Support Number which is always functional and the team is ready to support you.

Unable to sell or transfer fund to another wallet

Are you into trouble as you are finding difficult to sell or transfer funds to another wallet from the Binance account? If this is your error and causing you trouble, you can always take help from the team who is there to guide you. You can call on Binance support phone number which is functional and every user can reach the team for better availing solutions that are easy to guide you. Talk to them to avail solutions that are perfect to handle all your worries.

Two-factor authentication not working properly

Binance two-factor authentication is the important feature of the exchange as it is specifically designed to keep the exchange secure and safe from unwanted troubles. To handle all worries in one go, you are required to speak to the team who is ready to assist you. Therefore, call on Binance Toll Free Number which is all the time functional and users can have conversation with the team related to errors in no time. Talk to them related to all worries in nick of time. The team is always at your service and delivers best remedies to users.


  1. You need to speak to the team who is ready to help you by calling on Binance customer support number which is always at service.

  2. Binance two-factor authentication is an important requirement and should not be trapped by any viruses or harmful activities that can damage your account.


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